Selective Reality is an approach to augmented reality through selective sensory filtering.

In a world of a billion sensors and countless things vying for our attention, we are losing the ability to focus.
By empowering people to take control of their perceptions, we achieve a greater focus on the people we love, the things we enjoy, and the work that matters.

Awarded most thought provocing concepts at
Microsoft Design Expo 2014.

Despite Selective Reality was a one week project it was selected among other 12 week project from other Design Schools.

Ideation, Video Prototype, Photography


Understanding our senses

The purpose of augementation is to enhance an experience.
We are sorounded by sensors in our everyday lives and strive for more information and data to improve our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.
Sometimes subtracting senses can have the same effect.

Try to close your eyes and pay attention to the soundscape around you. Maybe you will notice sounds you did not hear before?