A tool for people with Aspergers’ to becomemore confident and independent.

Remember yourgood stories.
Make plans & stay organised.
Set goals, work on them and see your progress.
Share your stories and support each other.

Project owner and Lead Designer

Core functionality

Once in a while everyone encounters unfamiliar situations where they feel uncomfortable or inadequate. For people with Aspergers it happens on a everyday basis.

Remories is a companion and narrative calendar tool that stores good memories from your experiences. The stored memories will help you remember why situations turned out good, and support and guide you when you encounter similar situations.

By inputing your mood, Remories knows how you feel and will encourage you to work on self defined goals corresponding to your well being.

A real life Remory experience



Remories is a result of more than 100 hours of People-centred Research and Co-creation with people with Asperger’s, people from their care network and specialists.

Below you find videos produced as a way of communicating some parts of the research process.

Prototyping #1

The first prototype was designed to facilitate a co-creation session with young people with Asperger’s.

Main objective was to get an understanding of what challenges young people with AS encounter in their everyday life, how they categorize them and if the participant shared points of view.

Prototyping #3

People with AS often find it hard to understand facial expressions, metaphors and icons.

In this prototype I experimented with user interface and interactions trying to understand how it affected the userbility for people with Asperger’s.