Exploration on how to use and give existing spaces new possibilities.

In order to provide value to the Metro not just as a very efficient transportation brand but also to make it valuable to people’s lives, we applied a social perspective to our approach.

Ideation, UXP prototype, Illustrations, Video Prototype

Workshop #1

Prototyping a free Tai Chi workshop to understand the relationsships and opportunities between the participants, the spaces and people using the metro.

Workshop #2

Prototyping a free bike repair workshop in one of Metro's bike cellars. Participants were recruited through flyers and use of social media.


Scenario Illustrations

We saw great opportunities in using the space and acoustics in the metro stations for a list of different activities:

Choir practice, Tai Chi , yoga, painting, etc.

Making the service feel real

Materials and props were designed and crafted for all the prototyped workshops to understand the requirements in 2 different scenarios, when people using the space by themselves versus the facilitated workshops.