A little something about me...

I’m Anders Erlendsson, engineer and designer.
For me design is all about being able and willing to learn from your mistakes. I see design as a mindset rather then a skill set. It is not necesarrily about making something pretty, user friendly and intuitive but more about being able to adapt, prototype and iterate from what you learn from working with people.

I have a strong passion for social innovation without being fanatic.
I believe designers are obligated to show great responsibility since we are part of shaping the future.

Currentlty I work with the Rockwool Foundation to design and prototype a new service, NExTWORK focusing on reconnecting unemployed disconnected youth.

Simultaneously I run a small start up named Remories. We are developing an application based on principles within narrative therapy to help people with Aspergers and mental challenges.

In January 2016 my girlfriend and I decided to buy a small forrest in Sweden to design, draw and build a small summer house ourselves. The only bad thing about this is that I have less time for my favourite sparetime activities: Fishing, road biking, hunting and open water swimming.